Week 13

Over the past few weeks our group has worked on creating a film title opening that I truly feel proud to submit.  It doesn’t always happen in group projects when everyone works seamlessly together, however I can honestly say that our group was absolutely incredible. From beginning to end everyone was fully committed to making this project the best it could possibly be, with many hours spent on filming and re-shooting content, creative direction, refining submission documents, meticulous and critical attention to detail, and everything else we could think of to ensure what we could do was the best to our abilities. The final outcome has been a fully collaborative effort resulting in a piece that is certainly portfolio worth and also a fantastic experience within this course and program.

Project 2 has been an excellent exercise in combining everything we’ve learned from this class and applying it to a film of our choosing.  From screen dynamics to lighting, sound, editing, and titling.  It was through this project where I truly realized the full effect titling can have on the overall piece. As we worked through the process phase it became clear how much of an impact the typeface selection has to set the tone of the opening, and also the timing of each credit – is it too long that it’s boring or too short for people to read and understand? How should the titles be presented and in which order?  All of this was a great learning experience in addition to experimenting with different lighting set ups, and also learning from one another as well (“let’s try this angle” or “let’s use this effect instead”).

Overall I’m glad I chose this course because of what it has taught me.  When I submitted Exercise 1 I used stills of the city and nature because I wasn’t comfortable with using the camera equipment through York, and my final slideshow was compiled using the Apple Photos function that came with my computer.  Today I understand how to set up different frames and have a general understanding of Adobe Premiere and After Effects to edit and apply sound and titles as well, and have also learned an immense amount through trial and error as well when it comes to lighting.  I look forward to using these skills in the years to come.

Thanks Catherine!

Final Film Title Sequence (Gattaca)


2 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. Kori, it was a pleasure to have you in the course. Your contributions were always upbeat, positive, and insightful. Good attitude and hard working. Great sense of humour! Best of luck in your future career at MIT/ or as a lawyer. Some of my refs below:




    1. Catherine, thank you for the kind words – very much appreciated! I’ve definitely enjoyed taking your class this semester and the skills I’ve gained from the different projects we’ve worked on. Huge thank you for the links as well! Hopefully I’ll be in more of you classes next year as well. All the best and happy holidays!


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